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March 2023

This is an article written by Tara Haun originally published on her health and wellness blog and will include some parts of her article about mental health and her journey through creating a healthy and holistic lifestyle for her and her family. She is a professional athlete, performing artist and author and would like to let our listeners know that she is not a nutritionist and is not a health care professional. This article is based on her own research and personal testimony.

Tara Haun/Photography by Jenifer Smith Photography/Location Center Stage Dance and Cheer in Knoxville, Tennessee

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.”

Rick Godwin

“The Non-Diet”

Let’s replace “I’m going on a diet” with “My Diet Consists of”………….

The word diet is not a verb, it is a noun and should be treated as such. We do not diet, that’s impossible. Most of the time the decision to diet is because of a fad and whatever is trending in the media at the time or because someone you know has had positive results by doing the instructions of a person giving medical advice without doing a physical health check up, knowing anything about your health history, blood type or any of your family genetic ailments or disease.

The Human Heart and Chest Cavity
The fact is that staring and stopping fad diets puts added stress on your circulatory system creating problems with maintaining a heart rate within a normal and healthy range, increases chances for fluid around the lungs resulting in congestive heart failure, and can put added stress on the flow of blood cells needed to fuel your immune system and can result in the risks viruses and infections. The fluctuating weight brings stress and strain on your bones and joints and can lead to arthritis, greater chance for strains, strains and breaks, and in more advanced years can eventually lead to osteoporosis. Choosing the healthiest intake of foods, liquids, vitamins and/or supplements and other medications should always be discussed with a physician who takes time to discuss your medical and family history.

My diet consists mainly of foods high in protein, limited wheat and dairy, and green leafy vegetables. I went through a 5 year period of being on several different medications that ended up causing some severe health issues and over time found out that I was allergic to some of the synthetic chemicals that made up the medications which could have been prevented by an analysis of determining my biological heritage and a simple allergy skin test. The aftermath of that left me determined to do whatever it takes to find ways to make sure I am able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by what I chose to put in my body. I am not anti-medication at all, but after my original blog about the medications went viral, so many people who have struggled and gone through the same thing I did reached out to me with their story.

Although not entirely, my diet consists of many of the foods that is recommended for my blood type. By doing the research on this and finding out how my body has responded once adapting this as a way of life, I have become healthier and am in better shape and condition than I have been in years. I feel great and at age 39, I can honestly say that I have not felt this well physically since I was in my early 20’s.

Always chose a physician who takes time to listen to your concerns, answers your questions and will go to any lengths to put you on a path of health, healing and the opportunity to extend your life expectancy and live free from pain and disease during the time you have to spend here on this earth. I am a supporter of the American Heart Association and will do fundraisers on my public figure/influencer social media accounts. They have wonderful articles and information found on their website as well,