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March 1, 2023

Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique and Frugal

The Wedding of Aaron and Tara Haun

Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at Cove Lake State Park in Careyville, TN

I ordered my Wedding Dress from a Costume Shop and paid around $30.00 for the Wedding Dress, $5.00 For the head piece and my best friend who is also my stylist did my hair and make up for free.

I absolutely love throwing a party and there is no better party than having those you love come, witness, and celebrate you and your spouse on your Wedding Day. My husband and I could not wait to get married. We knew very soon after we established a relationship that we would be heading down the aisle.

I will be sharing some ways we were able to plan and successfully pull off what people still call the best Wedding they had ever been to with just the two of us planning and paying for everything.

Aaron paid around $40 each for the White Pirate Shirt and also ordered one for our Son. The Vest and Pants were supplied by our Father.

Ceremony and Reception Location and Rental

We decided to have both our ceremony and reception in the same place. We chose Cove Lake State Park in Careyville, Tennessee. For $285 it included:

  • Rental of the Entire Banquet Hall from 7:00AM-12:00AM the day of the Wedding.
  • A Kitchen that had all the appliances and supplies needed.
  • Outdoor wrap around patio
  • Bathrooms inside and outside of the banquet hall
  • Full use of the Meadow surrounding the building
  • More chairs and tables of various shapes and sizes than we needed


We had one of our friends take photos and a video of our wedding. We got some great candid shots, but there are only a couple of us posed after the ceremony with just the two of us. Aaron made the Canvas Banner used as decoration behind us during the ceremony. The canvas, iron on letters and transfer paper were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The ivory and white lights were also purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Cove Lake State Park Mountain and Lake View

“My Love Don’t Cost a Thing”

-Jennifer Lopez

Our engagement and planning was a time when we did not have money to buy a lot of extravagant decorations, attire, floral arrangements, catering, or to go on a Honeymoon. It was just because we felt like the time was then and what better reason to get married to someone than because you love them. I love the creativity that comes out when you have limited resources and supplies. You have to look at your surroundings to see what can be useful and also be amazed when somehow the universe supplies you with what you need or things you didn’t even know you need.

Decorations and Flowers

The months leading up to the wedding, I stopped at local thrift stores several times a week to pick up decorations and supplies to use and they were even used in our first home to decorate our common areas and remind us of our beautiful day uniting as a family. We used reds, greens and golds to decorate the tables.

I had a small bridal bouquet and two bouquets for my bridesmaids. Those were premade by Hobby Lobby. Our daughters were the flower girls who wore dresses that were a gift from a cruise vacation as a souvenir and were absolutely perfect for the occasion. Their baskets came from a local thrift store. I got tiny prim roses and lace to decorate their basket. Aaron and I pulled an all-nighter two nights before their wedding super gluing the tiny flowers to the baskets making sure they looked perfect. We bought the petals for the Ceremony from Party City. Our daughters and I got our headpieces from a local flea market for $5.00 each. The girls and I went barefooted so we did not have to purchase shoes.

Candles, Rocks & Frames
These items were purchased during my frequent trips to the local thrift stores in the weeks leading up to the Wedding.
The photo below is a picture taken during our Engagement Photo Shoot used for decoration at the Reception
Memory Table
The table below incudes photos of loved ones who have passed away. Mine and Aaron’s friend sang the James Taylor song, Fire and Rain to honor their Memory.
The table clothes were purchased at Party City, candles and photo frames were purchased at local thrift stores.

Upon entrance to the Ceremony, there was a table with a Scroll and Pen to sign in lieu of a guest book. The I made the printed signs with old english Fonts to guide our guests around the Ceremony and the Reception. The black and white photo with typography in the back was made by me and includes the bible verse beginning with, “Love is patient, Love is Kind.”

The photo below on the left is what aron and I were doing our Senior Year at Jefferson County High School.

The photo above on the right hand side is a picture of the handfasting ceremony we did during our Ceremony, we still have them and most of the decorations seen in these photos. The handfasting cords were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Aaron and his groomsmen carried swords as accessories to their outfits during the Ceremony. They were purchased online and cost $40 Each

We also are blessed to have a very dear friend who volunteered to DJ and sing at our Wedding and provided entertainment to our family and guests. We danced and karaoke’d the night away and everyone had the best time

We bought our reception food and our Bridal Party and Officiant stepped in to prepare the food when our other friends who were delegated for that task ended up having to work. Our wedding cake was wonderful and was provided by the Mother of the Groom. For our reception meal we had a baked potato bar, a variety of finger foods, sodas and juice. We bought all of the food, paper goods, utensils and last minute supplies at Walmart the night before our Wedding on the way to the venue.

A good time was had by all and other than the bride and groom, I don’t think anyone had as much fun as the three year old flower girl in the photos above.

The Ceremony was written and put together by Aaron and I. A student of ours sang “At Last” by Etta James before the processional and the song that the wedding party and Bride walked down the aisle to was “Only Hope” from the movie A Walk to Remember originally recorded and performed by Mandy Moore. Aaron wrote and recited the most beautiful vows I have ever heard and I sang an Alison Krauss song accompanied by my late brother, Charles Morgan during the vows. Our ring exchange was unique and they were meaningful and inexpensive.

Our first dance as a married couple was to the song, “Ben” by Michael Jackson when he was a young child.

The following is a post from my Facebook page the day after the wedding:

Tara Aaron Haun
 is feeling married with Aaron Haun at Cove Lake State Park.

  · Caryville, TN  · 

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“From the bottom of our hearts, Aaron and I would like to thank all of our friends and family who took part in our special day. We are overwhelmed with joy at how everything turned out. The day was absolutely perfect and we could not have pulled it off without the support and help from some very sweet family and friends. We really tried to make our wedding unique and make it reflect who Aaron and I are individually and as a couple. There were times when I wasn’t sure if we could take all of the things we wanted to incorporate into it and make it work, but we did it. We put a lot of hours in staying up until 3 or 4am working on decorations, making banners, sewing fabric, gluing flowers to frames… there were days when I really wondered why we didn’t just elope, lol, but it was worth it all to be able to share our day with the people who we love so much and have the memories of not only the actual day, but the fun we had in preparing for it. It was the best day of my life and I am blessed and honored to be apart of such a sweet family.”

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